Jack’s First Trip to the Park

This past weekend we were visiting with my family and my brother suggested we go to the park – he is all about getting out of the house. I guess he gets bored sitting around holding babies all day 🙂

With two babies in the family, this can be a challenge. However 2-year-old Izzy definitely benefits from running around to expel energy, so we all bundled up and headed out {Robert stayed home with Levi and Daniel and Sophie took a nap}.

Getting out the door took a little while… Izzy needed her tutu to wear over her pants. Then she needed shoes {and socks}. Also a hat and scarf. Then I had to bundle up Jack, make sure his diaper was clean, and grab the Baby Bjorn and a warm hat and a blanket and the camera.

The first order of business at the park was the swings.
Then we went over to the slides. This playground had a double slide, so we took turns racing Izzy down. 

She also insisted that we ride down the big slide as well {the swirly kind}.

As usual, Jack was totally laid back. 

In the end, everyone got too cold and we had to leave. Everyone that is except for Izzy. Angela bribed her with Dunkin Donuts to get her to go home! Thank you Angela for getting us all donuts!



Some firsts are good. Like your first bath or your first ride on a four wheeler. Other firsts are not so fun. Like getting your first tooth or getting sick for the first time.

Jack is currently experiencing his first bout of sickness. Definitely not fun. For him or me. It doesn’t help that I am also sick {and probably passed it along to him}.

Since both of us appear to have colds – clear snot and no fevers. I have been letting Jack ride it out. Yesterday {day 3} his little cough worsened so I called our PED and made an appointment to have him looked at. Her first concern was that RSV is going around and she wanted to have labs run on him to make sure the little rattle in his chest wasn’t something worse than the common cold.

We live in a small town. Thankfully we have a PED we really love. However, to get labs run, she had to send us to the hospital. 

The hospital, people!!!

It felt so weird to drive over and “admit” my little one to a hospital. The admissions lady asked me if I would be okay with people calling on Jack while he was there… cue silence…  

“I thought I was just here for labs… he isn’t stay here, right???”

Thankfully this question was just routine and she put my fears to rest {for then} and sent me upstairs to a nurses station.

I got to the nurse’s station, looked around and asked if this is where I go to get lab work done. It was. The nurse proceeded to put us in a hospital room {granted there was no bed, but it was still weird}.

Then I sat there while she went to get another nurse who could help “hold Jack down.” While she was gone I started to get nervous. No one had mentioned what they would be doing to him. In my mind I started thinking about lab work I have had done and it generally involves drawing blood. I was worried for my little boy – especially because even if he did have RSV, unless it got really bad, there would be nothing that we could do for him…

So I held Jack and talked to him while we waited. Finally another nurse came in and had me hold Jack while she ran the test. Thankfully it only involved shooting saline up his nose and sucking it out. He did not like this one little bit, but it probably helped to clear his sinuses out. When they were done I nursed him and then we headed home.

Later that day our PED’s office called with the lab results. They were negative. They called again this morning to see how he was doing. He slept well last night, but that cough is still bothering him. I will continue to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t get any worse.

Just another small town experience. Hopefully we won’t be going to the hospital “for real” any time soon ever.

Jack’s First Shots

Jack’s 2 month PED visit went well. He is in the 55th percentile for length at 23.5in, 60th percentile for weight at 12lbs14oz and 90th percentile for size of head at 16.75in! Our PED says that just means he has a big brain. We think this explains why he still sometimes has the bobble head effect – the poor little guy’s body is half the size of his head – in terms of percentiles anyways!
This visit also encompassed the dreaded first round of immunization shots. Now I don’t want to get into the debate of should you or shouldn’t you {obviously we chose to proceed} but I did want to write about our post-shot experience.
Jack was a little trooper during the shot process. He held tightly to my finger while he screamed, but within a couple of minutes he was back to being completely calm {before our nurse even left the room}. We gave him a few minutes to cuddle before dressing him again.
After the series of shots he seemed a bit subdued. I felt bad that we couldn’t treat him to something like an ice cream cone…
The rest of the day Jack didn’t quite seem like himself… a little withdrawn, kind of like his feelings were hurt. I held him for most of the afternoon and when Daniel came home from work, he cuddled with Jack while I made dinner.
It is amazing that at 2+months old Jack is already coming out of the cuddling stage. He still enjoys it but is more interested in observing the world than snuggling on our chests. It makes me sad that this stage is already passing. At least when he doesn’t feel good he still likes to snuggle.
After dinner we realized that he was starting to feel warm. We took his temperature and discovered that he had a low-grade fever – which we knew was a possibility. We gave him some baby Tylenol {per our doctor’s orders} and continued to hold and cuddle with him the rest of the evening.
Thankfully he was able to sleep most of the night, though quite fitfully at times, and I continued to monitor his fever.
Jack and I spent yesterday on the couch together. Me holding him while he slept or cuddled with me. He was still not himself. I hate when he doesn’t feel well. I think I would be a basketcase if he was actually sick {it kills me when Sophie doesn’t feel well and she is just our dog!}.
Today Jack appears to be back to his usual self though we are going to stay inside again just to make sure he doesn’t pick up anything. Plus there is no point in getting out in the rain.
Next time we are considering breaking the shots up over a week or two just so it isn’t such a jolt to his system. 

Our Chunky Monkey

This morning Daniel and I were a bit late for church so we ended up in the “training room” – a special room for parents with infants and toddlers. It was nice to not have to worry if Jack got noisy {which he really didn’t}.
Anyways, there was a couple sitting in front of us with a little girl. Both Daniel and I noticed how well this little munchkin was holding up her head. She was smaller than Jack so Daniel began to worry that Jack must be behind developmentally {Jack is 8 weeks and two days old}.
After church someone asked the couple how old their daughter was and they said, “Four months.”

Well that made us feel better since Jack can still sometimes be a bit of a bobble head… but it also made us realize how huge our little guy is. Granted I think the little girl was probably small for her age, but Jack continues to grow like crazy. At his one month pediatrician’s appointment he was already 10 lbs 11 oz. Today I weighed him and he is 12 lbs 6 oz! Crazy how big he is getting… no wonder by back hurts at the end of most days!

Jack’s First Christmas

Daniel and I spent the last couple of days talking about the things we remember most about Christmas when we were kids and how we can recapture the magic of our childhoods for Jack. Specifically what old traditions that we each grew up with that we want to incorporate as well as what new traditions we would like to add.
This year, we are still getting our bearings as new parents and Christmas for a one month old is more for the grandparents and aunts/uncles than it is for our baby. 
We are looking forward to next year when Jack can be more involved in the Christmas festivities. But for now, we cherish being able to cuddle our sweet little one.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner with Daniel’s mom, sisters and grandparents.

Christmas morning we went to church with Daniel’s mom, Regina, and sister, Emily. Regina had a ball showing off her grandson. Daniel thought this scenario was probably our pediatrician’s worst nightmare, but Jack sure seemed to love all of the people gushing over him.

For Christmas lunch we met up with Daniel’s dad. Emily had the foresight to check health ratings and online reviews beforehand and found us an Asian restaurant that happened to have a Hibachi Grill. 
It was a huge step up from the usual Chinese buffet fare and I was excited because I love Hibachi and Daniel and I rarely go. Jack slept through the whole thing – banging knives, flaming grill and all. Though he did startle at the fire at the table next to us when we first arrived.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas celebrating with your loved ones

We will spend the rest of the week recovering.