We Choose Love…

Be each other’s best friend. 
Be your mate’s confidant. Their safe haven. 
Do fun things together. 
Have hobbies that you mutually like.
Let your mate do things they like. Without you. 
Do stuff you like. Without them. It’s ok. It will give you things to talk about later. 
Share experiences together. 
Try new things. 
If you need something in the relationship, tell the other person. 
Chances are, they are not a mind reader. 
Pray together at dinner time – it will remind you to be thankful at least once a day. 
Try things your partner likes, even if you aren’t crazy about them 
{I learned how to shoot a gun and ride a motorcycle}.
Learn something new together {we have learned how to rock climb and scuba dive}.
Dance together in the kitchen.
Always kiss each other goodbye in the morning {even if it’s before daylight and one of you is still in bed, asleep}.
Always say “I love you” when you hang up the phone.
Listen when your loved one complains about their job. Or their family. Or whatever. Don’t try to fix it {unless they ask}, just let them vent.
If you like kids, have a baby. Or two. Or more. But only when you are both ready. They will make you fall in love all over again. They may also drive you a little crazy at times.
If you aren’t into having kids, get a pet.
If you don’t like pets, that’s okay too.
Email or txt or chat throughout the day.
Get away from technology. 
Stare at the stars.
Lay in a hammock together. 
Learn how to argue.
Sometimes agree to disagree – especially if you both absolutely think you are RIGHT and don’t want to give in.
Forgive and forget. I’m serious. Don’t bring up the past.
Never bring up the D word.

Let your partner have the remote control.


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