Jack is Three Months Old

Jack started babbling at us this month. If we talk to him with pauses, he will babble during the pauses like he is having a conversation with us. Daniel comes home every day and tells him all about work. Jack is enraptured.

Daniel’s dad is convinced that Jack said his first word “Ma.” According to Grandpa Moore, Jack said “Ma” three times while looking at me. Daniel and I are not so convinced. Until that word has meaning we don’t count it as a word. Besides that we have never purposefully tried to teach him any words, so where would he have learned this from?

Jack loves our Lullabye and Family Folk Song Stations on Pandora. He is a big fan of the song: B-I-N-G-O. One time when I was singing it to him, he kept trying to say “O” every time I got to the “O” part. It was pretty funny.

Little guy has started drooling a LOT. Along with the drool there have been a few days of extra fussiness. Thankfully he is still laid back most of the time. I hope he is not teething already – it is WAY TOO EARLY for such things.

Last month we discovered the magic of a pacifier. This month Jack discovered the magic of his sticking his fist in his mouth.

Jack continues to spit up. Some days we almost make it through without an incident, but other days he makes up for it in spades. He doesn’t fit any of the reflux symptoms other than spitting up, so I get the privilege of doing lots of laundry. His and mine.

Our first major road trip was to Searcy, AR this month. It was 8-ish hours in the car. Each way. Jack’s maximum tolerance for the car seems to be around 6 hours.

Jack met his Great Grandma Davis {on my dad’s side} as well as his Great Aunt Linda and Great Uncle Keith. We are getting closer to having introduced him to all of our extended family. 

Jack’s 2 month PED visit went well. He is in the 55th percentile for length (23.5in), 60th percentile for weight (12lbs14oz) and 90th percentile for size of head (16.75in)! Our PED says that just means he has a big brain 🙂 

Jack did really well and calmed down fairly easily after his immunizations. He was fairly subdued afterward and ended up developing a low-grade fever later that day. He was out of sorts for about 24 hours. We spent lots of extra time cuddling.

Jack experienced his first bout of sickness this month… just a cold. Thankfully labs for RSV came back negative. Jack and I were both sick for about a week. The humidifier and snot sucker thing came in handy.

We took Jack to the movies for the first time this month. We thought he would sleep the entire time. Instead he seemed to be enamored with the big screen. We aren’t sure if this is good for him so we may not go back for a while.

We try to eat out weekly. Mostly for our own sanity – I like having a break from cooking and it is nice to do “normal” things that we did before we had Jack. We have even gone out with friends a few times. Most of our friends in town are not “kid people.” We completely understand that. We weren’t kid people until Jack was born. Now we LOVE our kid. Anyways, our friends were impressed by how chilled out Jack is. According to them, Jack is courteous even when he cries 🙂 Also, one of Daniel’s co-workers told us that we probably have a Stewie on our hands… If you are unfamiliar, Stewie is the baby on Family Guy; a 1-year-old prodigy who is obsessed with world domination.

A couple of weeks ago, Jack and I attended my sister’s baby shower

Cousin Izzy had a ball playing with and caring for Jack. 
She is going to be an amazing big sister.

Speaking of big sister… on the last day before Jack turned 3 months old {yesterday}, his cousin, Levi was born. We are so excited for my sister and her family and I can’t wait to watch these two little boys grow up together.

*I will be writing monthly updates of Jack with pictures of Jack and the Tonka truck on the 11th of each month. One Month Old. Two Months Old.

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