I would walk 500 miles…

Remember that challenge I wrote about last month? The one where I said I would *attempt* to walk/run/hike/paddle/swim 500 miles this year? Yeah, well I am off to a rather slow start.

Miserable January weather. An infant at home. Living in the country with nowhere close by to run. A bad cold. All have conspired against me.

I still am going to work towards this goal, but right now, my YTD mileage is a piddly 4.5 miles. Sad. At least I managed to squeeze in a few Cardio Kickboxing and Zumba classes last month. Hopefully February will see me making better headway towards this goal of mine.

In other news, I am already down to my pre-baby weight. So at least I have that going for me.

As for the other goals… I haven’t made any headway on them either. Some days I think I am doing good to take a shower and put real clothes on {especially this past week while Jack and I have been sick}.

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