My Sister’s Baby Shower

Sunday morning Jack and I made the two-hour drive over to Nashville to attend my sister’s baby shower. Her due date is in two weeks, so not very long until Jack has a little boy cousin. I think it will be so much fun to see these two little boys grow up together. Of course, Izzy will be a great big sister/older cousin – she is already smitten by Jack.
The shower was lovely. Our Aunt Becky and cousin Moriah drove over for the event. They enjoyed holding Jack while I attempted to take photos during the shower.

I surprised Izzy with a jealousy gift – a cooking outfit complete with chef’s hat. I think it is safe to say she loved it.

After the shower my brother met up with us and we went to Chili’s for dinner. Our waitress did a fantastic job and didn’t seemed phased at all when Izzy knocked over a bowl of salsa – life with a two-year-old.
It was nice catching up with my siblings. I am definitely enjoying living closer to them.
Jack and I drove home that night in the rain. Rain and dark and mountains are my least favorite combination of driving conditions, but we made it home safely. Thankfully Sunday night’s storms didn’t hit our area too badly, though there is a mangled trampoline that was unceremoniously dumped in the field across the street by the wind…


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