First Date as New Parents

Last Friday, Daniel and I drove all the way to Searcy, Arkansas to go on our first date without Jack. My parents were thrilled to watch our little man. As we went out the door we gave last minute instructions and then had faith that they had raised three kids well and Jack was in good hands.

We made our way into town to Midnight Oil for coffee and dessert. Our very first date, almost 10 years ago ended at MO. It was an epoch first date that lasted over 8 hours. It was sweet to go and reminisce about that date so long ago. 

On that first date I was nervous and made sure that I looked my best. On this date I was tired and had spit up on my shirt, but I know that Daniel loves me more now than he could have imagined back in 2001 – spit up and all.

We talked a little bit about Jack but mostly we reminisced about the past and dreamed about the future. We also felt really old because a lot of the people at MO looked like they were 12. We felt better when we saw some actual college students.

I don’t know if my memory has elevated MO in my mind, but I was a bit disappointed with my Mr. Blond. It wasn’t as sweet as I remembered. And we had to request ceramic mugs – why are they using paper cups??? Also the chocolate cake we shared, while good, didn’t taste like it had been made fresh that day… more like it had been purchased from somewhere else the day before. Also it was kind of weird that there are no couches any more… they have been replaced by church pews. While church pews can hold more people and are interesting as pieces of furniture, the old white and brown pews from DTCoC don’t lend the same comfortableness as an old, ratty couch.
I still love Midnight Oil, but it didn’t seem like the same coffee house of my college days. I will hang on to my memories and my special moments there with Daniel.

Midnight Oil Coffee House on Urbanspoon

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