2012 Book 3: Heaven is for Real

I on a roll ā€“ three books in two weeks. Awesome. I know that as Jack gets bigger it is probably going to be more of a challenge to squeeze in my reading.

The third book I read this year was Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo, Lynn Vincent, Sonja Burpo and Colton Burpo. It is a fascinating glimpse of heaven through the eyes of a little boy who almost died due to a ruptured appendix. 
I am a believer in heaven and it was very interesting to see heaven through the eyes of four-year-old boy. Sadly there is a cynical part of me that has doubts about the truth of the story. But I really want to believe in Colton’s experience… it really did seem for real.
As a new parent, the first part of the book about how Todd and Sonja Burpo almost lost Colton was extremely difficult to read. I am a fairly stoic person and I have to admit to crying while I read. It made me want to hold my little boy a little tighter.

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