For the past two years, instead of resolutions I have decided to choose a word that would represent a theme for the coming year. In 2010 the word was fortitude. In 2011, adaptation. Both themes proved to be fitting.

In an effort to continue this tradition, I have decided that the theme for 2012 should be patience: quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence. 
With a new baby we are learning to have patience with each other, especially when we are running low on sleep as well as patience with Jack during the times that he cries or pees or spits up on us for the umpteenth time. I have a feeling that patience will be a trait to carry us through much in the coming years. 
We will work to be patient with one another as we continue to grow in our marriage. We will face parenting with steady perseverance as we strive to raise Jack with even-tempered care. We will do our best to be diligent in our jobs – whether in the home or outside.

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