Top 10 List from 2011

We hope that you had a Merry Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year! 
We are looking forward to 2012.

Our Top 10 List from 2011…

    10. Learning to snowboard at age 30 is much harder than learning to snowboard at age six.

    9. Sophie does not like bears. At all. Neither does Cheree.

    8. There’s no reason to limit vacation souvenirs to overpriced T-shirts. Canoes make much better souvenirs, and it’s cheaper than renting one for a week.

    7. That full moon causing labor stuff may actually be valid (or was it the morning’s kickboxing session, or the afternoon hike?)

    6.  Packing your bags in advance for the hospital is overrated for your first child. You’ll have time after your water breaks – while your husband is finishing up grilling the steaks – before you head to the hospital.

    5. Five minutes of cuddling with a sleeping baby can erase five hours of memories of his fussiness.

    4. Vibrating bouncers for babies are magical.

    3. Living close to two time zones means it takes two hours to get to Chattanooga from our house, but coming home takes no “time.”

    2. It would seem that Christmas trees are larger in your living room than they appear to be in a 50-acre field surrounded by other large Christmas trees.

    1. We managed to make it through another year with no trips to the ER!


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