Jack’s First Christmas

Daniel and I spent the last couple of days talking about the things we remember most about Christmas when we were kids and how we can recapture the magic of our childhoods for Jack. Specifically what old traditions that we each grew up with that we want to incorporate as well as what new traditions we would like to add.
This year, we are still getting our bearings as new parents and Christmas for a one month old is more for the grandparents and aunts/uncles than it is for our baby. 
We are looking forward to next year when Jack can be more involved in the Christmas festivities. But for now, we cherish being able to cuddle our sweet little one.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner with Daniel’s mom, sisters and grandparents.

Christmas morning we went to church with Daniel’s mom, Regina, and sister, Emily. Regina had a ball showing off her grandson. Daniel thought this scenario was probably our pediatrician’s worst nightmare, but Jack sure seemed to love all of the people gushing over him.

For Christmas lunch we met up with Daniel’s dad. Emily had the foresight to check health ratings and online reviews beforehand and found us an Asian restaurant that happened to have a Hibachi Grill. 
It was a huge step up from the usual Chinese buffet fare and I was excited because I love Hibachi and Daniel and I rarely go. Jack slept through the whole thing – banging knives, flaming grill and all. Though he did startle at the fire at the table next to us when we first arrived.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas celebrating with your loved ones

We will spend the rest of the week recovering.


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