What I Wore Wednesday: 5Weeks5Days PostPartum

The past week has been super busy. Mostly with visiting. Having a baby brings out the visitors in droves, but we don’t mind.

Last Friday we had lunch with our friends, the Reynolds. Saturday, Daniel’s mom, grandmother and sisters came for a visit. Sunday we had missionary friends from South Africa drop by for lunch. Sunday evening, Daniel’s dad came and took us to dinner. Monday, Daniel’s sister Amy came for an overnight stay. Tuesday night we went to a Christmas party with the engineering group from TVA. Wednesday was my first Pinterest Craft Day and my brother, Mark, came for an overnight stay.

If we weren’t busy enough, we have a trip to Nashville planned for Christmas and then finally some time to breathe. Next week will bring more visits from friends and then a trip back to Nashville to see my family after the new year.

 Daniel and his sisters.

I am so thankful my recovery from birth has been swift. Otherwise this might be a bit much. As is, I am loving having interaction with so many people. Don’t get me wrong, I love my time with Jack, but it is nice to have adult conversations.

 My brother watching documentaries with Jack.

Last Friday I had my follow-up OB visit and I have been cleared to return to life as normal. I can’t wait to start ramping up my exercise routines again. Though I have decided to hold off during the holidays while we have so many visitors. No point in wearing myself out any more than I have to…

pleated poppy
What I Wore Wednesday: 
Tuesday Christmas Party: Shirt from Walmart, Skirt from Gap, Boots from Target. 
Wednesday: Shirt from J. Crew, Jeans from Kohl’s, Chacos from REI.

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