What I Wore Wednesday: 4Weeks5Days PostPartum

Being a new mom is not without its challenges. Some days Jack just wants to be held. This makes it difficult to get anything done.

Enter the Moby Wrap. This has been a lifesaver to me on numerous occasions. Allowing me to grocery shop or cook or do laundry. I may not get a shower every day, but with some strategic planning or the Moby as my back up, I can get things done.

Wednesday, my Moby allowed me to spend an afternoon baking gingerbread cookies to decorate our Christmas tree with.
Last Monday I felt like a normal person again. I met a friend for lunch. I ran errands {including a trip to Walmart for groceries courtesy of the Moby Wrap} and finally I went to a Zumba class that night. It felt great.

It was also exhausting.

I am learning how to multi-task like never before, but I am also learning my limitations – normally by Thursday of each week I am crashing, but thankfully Daniel has three-day weekends and is able to help me recover.
Last Friday we went to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our live tree. It was a great day for making memories. It was a good excuse to put on clothes besides my pajamas. 

pleated poppy

Wednesday: Yoga Pants from Target, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Moby Wrap from Target

Last Monday: Workout Pants from Target, T-shirt from Old Navy, New Balance Shoes from Zappos
Last Friday: Jeans from Kohl’s, Shirt and Sweater from Target, Boots from REI



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