Jack is One Month Old

Where has the time gone? Jack is already one month old!

Week One Recap 
From day one, Jack has been wide eyed while he observes the world around him. He always looks at amazement at anything new {which is everything}.

At Jack’s one week doctor’s appointment we found out that he is healthy and growing like a weed – he had already surpassed his birth weight of 6lbs 12oz and was a whopping 6lbs 14 oz.

Jack seems to know my voice and could care less about Sophie’s barking.

Our little guy enjoys being swaddled, but it is imperative that his arms be free. He has a thing about wanting to touch and hold everything, even at a week old.

Week Two Recap
Jack continues to amaze us. He is so laid back and loves to cuddle. This is the week he celebrated his first Thanksgiving and met a lot of my extended family. 
Jack started grinning this week, especially in his sleep. It melts my heart. He can also track movements with his eyes – left and right and up and down.

Grunting is Jack’s main form of noise making {besides crying, but crying is fairly rare}.

Week Three Recap
Jack’s umbilical cord fell off at the beginning of week three. This meant we were able to give him his first bath. He prefers real baths to sponge baths on the kitchen counter.
This week, we introduced Jack to music and he laughs when you sing and dance with him.
His awake time continues to get longer with each passing day.

Week Four Recap
This week daddy went back to work – this is harder on Daniel and I than on Jack. Though I think he knows that things are different now and has become more clingy.
Daniel says Jack’s neck has disappeared due to all the new fat rolls. The good news is the same thing happened to his legs, so we were finally able to start using cloth diapers on a regular basis – which is going to save us a ton of $$$ and it really isn’t that difficult to do.
We had our first trip to a Christmas tree farm – I think Jack will love this tradition in the future.
Today Jack lifted his head during tummy time for an appreciable length of time. I was so excited for him.

Jack is pretty much over being swaddled. I think he still enjoys it, but he sleeps fine as long as he is in a warm pair of footed pajamas.

*I will be posting monthly updates of Jack next to the Tonka truck {a toy from Daniel’s childhood}.

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