Finally starting to feel rested after a five days of visiting family. Don’t tell our pediatrician that we traveled with Jack when he was just two weeks old… she told us not to go anywhere for two months! Hello – it’s the holidays, did you really think we were going to just sit at home by ourselves???

Meeting Great Grandpa and Nana for the first time

Thankfully Jack is a pretty laid back little dude. Actually he is crazy laid back and if he starts crying you can always stick him in the car or a vibrating bouncer and he is out.

Izzy loves cousin Jack
Wednesday night we went to my sister’s in Nashville {we always alternate holidays and Thanksgiving was with my family this year}. We arrived to a house full of people. Jack was hungry, but a total trooper as he met tons of new family members including his cousin Izzy, his great grandparents from Canada, his Uncle Mark and his great Aunt and Uncle and cousin.

The Voyles Siblings with Izzy and Jack

Thursday we got up semi-early and squeezed in a quick visit with Daniel’s family for their traditional Thanksgiving breakfast. Normally this breakfast includes most of Daniel’s family, but for some reason it was just his immediate family. We were sad not to be able to see everyone, but it was nice to be with his parents and sisters.

The Moore’s Thanksgiving Breakfast

After a quick visit and delicious food, we headed back to my sister’s for lunch where we had more visiting and more great food.

The Moore Siblings with Jack

Friday we slept in and went to my Aunt’s house for more visiting. Friday night we were zonked.

The Southern Lock Flock
The Voyles
Four Generations of Locks

Saturday we said goodbye to my family and went to Daniel’s mom’s to spend the night. We were surprised to learn that his Grandmother had been in town shopping and was planning on dropping by for an impromptu visit. It was nice seeing everyone but we were running on empty by this point.

Four Generations of Moore’s

Sunday we slept in, had lunch with D’s mom, then made a quick stop in Murfreesboro on our way home to see D’s dad. 
 This is how we felt by the end of the week…
thankful to see so many people, but ready to be home.

We visited with LOTS of people and wish that we had time to see everyone. With a baby your plans change as you go. Jack did fabulous being carted around and held by everyone under the sun. Daniel and I were pretty wiped out by the time we made it home Sunday night. I know that Daniel is thankful to have another week of time off before he has to go back to work. We have some serious recovering to do from all of the visiting! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for.

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