5Days PostPartum

Things I didn’t expect after having a baby
  • The amount of {ahem} liquid my bladder can hold… and how often it gets full.
  • Only being able to sleep on my back* after many months of not being able to sleep on my back or stomach. *Hopefully this won’t last for too long.
  • How famished I am. Sometimes I feel like I will keel over from hunger. This results in eating cake out of the pan {it tastes great but I’ll be glad when it is gone}.
  • How quickly my body is changing.
  • How well Daniel and I work together as a team. We have always been a great team, but I was a little nervous that being sleep deprived and clueless, we might be at each other’s throats. Turns out I didn’t need to worry about this one.
  • The amount of sleep I would get and how well I could function on it. I truthfully thought my sleep deprivation would be much greater. So far feeding has worked out to only having to get up 2-3 times during the night, which has been totally doable.
  • How quickly we are adjusting to the parenting thing. I thought we would be more nervous and inadequate, but I think we have both stepped up to the plate.

Things Daniel didn’t expect {mostly in regards to diaper changes}…
  • That Jack would never actually pee in his diaper. 
  • When he manages to pee on the wall, it’s enough to run all the way down the wall where it pools on the floor.
  • That he can get 4 diapers dirty in less than 10 minutes.
  • That Jack would be so content 98% of the time.

Funny story from our first day home: 
Daniel went to Walmart to get a handful of supplies that I needed. When he checked out, the cashier took one look at his items and asked if he had had a boy or a girl.

Stay tuned… I will be posting Part I of our Birth Story tomorrow.

pleated poppy
Shirt from Old Navy. Jeans from Kohl’s. Chacos from REI.

My pregnancy in pictures:

5 days postpartum.

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