Do you know how weird it is to answer the question: “When is your due date?” with “Friday” or “In two days.” It is all a little surreal. I am expecting to go past my due date, but Friday is also a full moon, so you never know what might happen…

The hardest part at this point is just waiting. I haven’t had any real contractions {that I am aware of}. I might have had one or two last Saturday, but the more I think about it, the more I think it was just strong Braxton Hicks. As of last Friday my OB confirmed that I had not progressed at all and I don’t think that baby has dropped yet, though I am not sure what that would feel like.

For now I am just trying to relax and enjoy these last few days {weeks?} and to not stress too much. I have decided that I will continue to work out up until this baby makes his appearance. My OB has given her blessing and my yoga and kickboxing instructors are not banning me from their classes. I figure that the worst case scenario is that I might go into labor – which has to happen at some point. Just to be safe I have been carrying a beach towel around with me in case my water breaks. Also I have the numbers of all of Daniel’s co-workers in my phone in the event that I can’t get a hold of him when the time comes.

The worst and most unexpected pregnancy symptom for me has been an extreme case of carpal tunnel syndrome that I have developed over the last couple of weeks. Initially it started out with my hands swelling at night. Then it progressed to inflamed joints in my fingers at night which made sleep difficult. In the last week it has turned into tingly, numb fingers that ache almost all the time, but it is the worst when I sleep {or try to}. My OB recommended wearing a wrist brace, but this has minimal effect on the condition. I will be very thankful when it goes away.

pleated poppy

What I Wore Wednesday
T-shirt from Motherhood.
Plaid button up from Kohl’s. 
Maternity Jeans from Unclaimed Baggage.
Chacos from REI.

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