Happy Birthday to Me

Turning 30 was difficult for me. Thankfully once I turned 30, I realized that it really wasn’t such a big deal. I made a life list and started working on things I want to accomplish in my lifetime. The past year wasn’t what I expected, but I feel truly blessed to be where I am.

Our first child is due this coming Friday {#10 on my list} and I know that our lives are about to turn upside down. It has been nice to have a low-key year to enjoy with Daniel before these changes happen.

On my actual birthday {Friday} we went to Chattanooga for an OB exam. I found out that I have yet to dilate one iota. I think we are looking at a baby that will come late rather than early. After running errands in Chatt, we went home and enjoyed the beautiful fall afternoon. That night we went to see Tower Heist and then out for pizza. Not a huge deal, but we are relishing our last moments to be able to do this type of thing together.
One of the highlights of my day was having family members call to sing Happy Birthday to me. My brother called first, he does this EVERY year and it totally makes my day. My parents also sang a version of the birthday song to me {they also do this every year}. Then my sister called to wish me Happy Birthday and my 2-year-old niece sang to me as well. You can’t beat that!

Saturday Daniel was planning on surprising me with a trip back to Chattanooga for breakfast {my fave} and a trip up the Incline Railway on Lookout Mountain. Unfortunately we were socked in with fog. The fog lifted just before lunch so we headed to Chattanooga where we enjoyed breakfast for lunch. The BlueGrass Grill is a new favorite of both of ours. Great food. Great atmosphere. Great music. It really made me miss living in a city though.
We shared the Denver Omelet with Home Fries and a Biscuit and a full stack of Honey Wheat Pancakes with Jalepeno Bacon and an Egg. All of it was amazing. I poured honey on my biscuit and it may have been the best honey I have ever tasted!

Bluegrass Grill on Urbanspoon
We decided to skip the Incline Railway because even though it was sunny out, everything was a bit hazy and the colors weren’t as vibrant as they can be. Instead we drove to the top of Lookout and enjoyed the views from our car. Hopefully we will squeeze in a trip on the Incline Railway sometime soon. I experienced a couple of contractions on the drive home, but nothing to be too excited about. 
Last night I made an apple pie that was to die for… just a little Happy Birthday to myself. As Daniel says, we could buy dessert at a restaurant but I generally make things that taste way better than anything we could buy. Recipe from 20 Something Cupcakes.
Overall it has been a nice, low-key birthday weekend… perfect for a gal who is 39 weeks pregnant.

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