Surprise Baby Shower

Last Thursday I received a call from Myra, the secretary in Daniel’s office. My first thought was that something had happened to Daniel {if you know our track record with ER visits, you will understand my initial concern}. 


Myra quickly put my fears to rest and told me that the engineering department was throwing Daniel a surprise baby shower and that they would love it if I could come by the plant after lunch to be a part of the surprise.

This was actually my very first visit inside the gates. I walked in to security to check in and told them I was there for a baby shower – the security guard gave me a funny look and asked if someone was supposed to escort me in. Thankfully Jeremy, one of Daniel’s co-workers, was already standing behind the counter and I was able to point to him as my escort.

They had me arrive early since Daniel was off campus all morning giving a presentation at a local school. They didn’t want us to run into each other in the parking lot. So I hung out with several of Daniel’s co-workers until he arrived.

Once he got to the conference room for the “meeting” we all learned that he had been intending to go home after his presentation and several of his co-workers had to lie to get him to come to the last-minute meeting that he didn’t know about. Daniel can be stubborn, but thankfully he came.

His reaction was pretty funny when he walked in the door. Especially when he saw me standing there – he definitely wasn’t expecting to see his wife at work!
The engineering department at TVA did well with our shower. Thank you to Imani and Myra for organizing/spearheading the little party. We really appreciate all of the goodies including the diaper cake, boppy, changing pad, wipes, wipes warmer, frames for hand and foot prints and car mirror.


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