Last night was the first time during this pregnancy that I really started to feel crummy. I had a stomach ache and nausea and actually slept sitting up for about an hour. I guess this means that we are getting closer to delivery time?

I decided to skip this morning’s workout because my OB is at a conference through the end of the week and I have decided that I really don’t want to go into labor before the weekend if I can help it. Though yoga probably would make me feel better, I just don’t want to take a chance.

I have spent the day feeling weird. Not sure what is going on exactly. Maybe Jack is finally dropping? I have no idea. I do know I have had to make more trips to the bathroom, but that could also be from all of the extra water I have been drinking.

Since we are almost 39 weeks, here is a look at my pregnancy by the numbers:

268 prenatal vitamins swallowed.
90 minutes is the average amount of time I have to sit and wait during an OB visit.
56 yoga classes.
48 kickboxing classes.

20 pounds gained.

13 OB visits completed.  
9 days until our due date.
8 ultrasounds – four of which were 3D to try to see Jack’s face
7 nights of sleeping on the couch. 
6.8+ pounds is approximately what Jack should weigh right now.
4 strangers have asked about my pregnancy {and no strangers have tried to touch my belly}.
4 sewing projects completed.
3 classes attended – breast feeding, child safety and birthing.
2 leg cramps throughout the duration of my pregnancy.
2 baby showers (3 if you count the surprise one my kickboxing class tried to throw me that I didn’t show up for).
1 crib and 1 dresser painted.

pleated poppy

What I Wore Wednesday
Tank Top from Old Navy.
Shirt from Forever21.
Cardigan from Target.
Old Jeans from Banana Republic.
Chacos from REI.

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