Nursery: Crib and Blanket

A few months ago I had my heart set on a crib from IKEA and then IKEA pulled all of its cribs out of US stores due to recent laws that had passed concerning drop sides on cribs. I was disappointed, but held out hope that IKEA would modify the designs and bring their cribs back to the US.

Luckily that is exactly what happened and we were able to get a crib we loved without spending an arm and a leg.

Daniel and I decided on the white SUNDVIK crib {above}. Once we had it home we hacked it to make it fit in with our nursery look. We painted the end gray to match the dresser and then I stenciled bicycles on it.

I created the stencil from a piece of fabric I scanned into my computer. I love technology!

The Michael Miller Bicycle Haze fabric has been the basis for the theme in this room. I purchased the fabric off the internet and had every intention of buying a custom blanket from an Etsy shop owner. Unfortunately the Etsy owner decided to pull out of working with me and I decided I would take a stab at making my own blanket.

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