Before and After

We have finally made some headway on our nursery and while it is by no means finished, I thought I would go ahead and share a glimpse of one of our recent projects.

When Daniel and I were first married, we both had old dressers that came with us from our days of being single. These two dressers have been relegated to our guest rooms as they function well and we have been too cheap to replace them. Daniel’s dresser is a remnant of the 80s. It has wood veneer and brass pulls. I have never been fond of this dresser. 

In my mind I have always wanted to paint it. I even tried to convince Daniel of painting the wood several years ago, but for some reason he put me off {I was under the impression that it was a relic from his boyhood that he didn’t want to change… which turned out not to be the case}. 
Once we started the nursery decorating, I was able to finally persuade him that painting was the way to go. The argument that painting was much cheaper than buying a new piece of furniture was all I needed to persuade my frugal husband.

Playing off the theme I had established {in this post}, we decided to paint the dresser white with gray panels and add new hardware. I will also be adding a stencil to the gray panels. Once we were finished, Daniel wanted to know why we hadn’t painted the dresser before. I guess I should have tried harder to persuade him in the past!
More pictures of the nursery to come once we get artwork hung and things where we want them. 


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