52 Books: Book 41

Being pregnant has influenced several of my reading choices this year. My most recent book being Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg.
For the past 8 months or so I have spent a lot of time thinking about the topic of natural childbirth verses medicated childbirth. I have talked with many women about their personal experiences as well as read countless delivery stories online. I have asked my sister {a labor and delivery nurse} questions about what happens in the delivery room and I have spoken to my OB about her personal practices. Daniel and I have discussed the topic as well. 
Actually until a few weeks ago, it had not crossed my mind that Daniel would actually have an opinion one way or another {it is my body after all}. He surprised me by saying that if I was up to it, he was in favor of me seriously considering the natural childbirth route. His comment made me get serious about researching the topic to evaluate whether this was something I thought I could do or if I thought it was important enough to put my body through.

After reading various articles online and birth stories and even watching a documentary I feel that I am prepared to attempt a natural childbirth {note that I said attempt, in the event of complications or pain that is beyond my current comprehension, drugs will be considered}. I have spoken with my OB about it and she is incredibly supportive. We are in agreement that medical intervention is always on the table if there is truly a need for it. With that I feel good about my decision and pending delivery.

Due to my rural location I will not be able to take actual classes on the Bradley Method, but I feel that Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way offers a lot of great exercises for me to be practice now. Incidentally yoga provides great relaxation techniques that are very similar to the Bradley Method of relaxation that I already practice regularly.
Excerpts from the book:
Once medication begins… the choices slip through your fingers.

Responsibility belongs to those who will ultimately live with the consequences of decisions made during birthing – the parents.

…no one has ever been pregnant forever and the baby knows when it is time to be born.

There are undeniably strong sensations in labor which are felt by every woman, but whether these are described as pain is a subjective matter which depends a lot on expectations and experiences.

Drugs and medical technology can be enormously beneficial when used to take care of real complications.

Our technology needs to be used selectively or rather specifically in response to a problem.

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