This week I thought I would write about the importance of exercise and diet in my pregnancy. Thankfully I have been able to continue to be very active, practicing yoga twice a week and cardio kickboxing twice a week. These workouts make me feel great {even on the days I don’t feel like hauling myself out of bed} and they provide some normalcy to my life.

The importance of my diet and exercising really hit home this week. This past weekend we were out of town visiting family for our baby shower. By Sunday I was extremely swollen and uncomfortable – really for the first time. I could barely put on my shoes and my hands felt strange.

It dawned on me that when we travel I don’t exercise and my healthy eating goes out the window. I eat way too many sweets, I don’t drink enough water and I drink way too much caffeine. After we got home on Sunday night I felt truly miserable. I googled how to reduce swelling and read that you should drink more water.

Monday I made myself go to yoga and I drank a ridiculous amount of water throughout the day. By Tuesday I could wear my tennis shoes again and I went to kickboxing. Today the swelling is pretty much gone and I am back to feeling normal. 

I love how strong I feel when I can hold the poses in yoga {even with the extra 20 pounds that I am carrying around}. I love that my endurance is still strong during kickboxing – I never have to slow down or take a break even though I am practically 34 weeks pregnant. I believe {and hope} that this strength and endurance will serve me well during the coming labor and delivery of our baby as well as during my recovery process.

pleated poppy

What I Wore Wednesday
Cardigan from Forever 21.
T-shirt from Motherhood.

Jeans from Kohls {yay for relaxed fit, stretchy jeans from my pre-pregnancy days}.
Chacos from REI {incidentally these are the shoes I could not fit on my feet on Sunday}.


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