Thoughts on Dormers

The closer we get to having our baby, the more I start to think about parenting type things. Things that have never crossed my mind before.

For instance last week I was looking out the nursery window and it dawned on me that I once lived in a house that had dormers. I was between the ages of 8 and 10 and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to knock the screen out of the window and crawl out and sit on the roof. What 8-year-old thinks that is a good idea??? I have no idea if this was my own adventurous spirit or if a friend encouraged me to do it. I do remember that my friend and I did this on a regular basis.

So now I am worried. We have dormers in both upstairs bedrooms AND the bathroom. I can just envision our kid {or kids} crawling out the window and walking down the roof to the other bedroom. I mean it was something I did as a kid, so what’s to say our kid won’t do something similar? 

This past weekend I told my parents about my penchant for sitting on the roof as a kid and asked if they knew I had done such things. They had no idea. So the good news is that if my kids do climb out windows and hang out on the roof I will probably be clueless about it…

When I was 10-12 I graduated from sitting on rooftops to climbing out windows and jumping off of the roof at my best friend’s house in the middle of the night. We would wander around our small town before sneaking back and using a bicycle as a ladder to climb back onto a lower level of the house and back inside through a second floor window.

When I was growing up, my mom used to tell me stories of her adventures – she has quite a few of her own. I don’t know if her stories made me more willing to try things or if I just had a natural compulsion to be adventurous. I never did the things she did, but I did plenty of my own stupid things. At least we have several years until we truly have to worry about kids getting brave {stupid} enough to climb out on rooftops… right?

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