Baby Shower

Saturday was our baby shower for Jack. My sister did a great job of hosting. I love that I have such a creative family… I wonder where those genes came from {kidding, thank you mom and dad for passing along your creativity to us}.

While Angela was busy decorating on Friday night, Robert wandered downstairs and said, “I thought we weren’t decorating the whole house?” I don’t think Angela is capable of throwing a party without going all out. Of course, it looked great and I appreciate all of her trouble.

We had a potluck style BBQ. Many thanks to all of our family members for bringing such wonderful dishes. Everything tasted superb. 

Thank you to my best friend, Kristalynne, for coming up with the games. The trivia was hilarious.


What was the best way to calm Daniel as a baby?
A) Take the car apart
B) Build a deck
C) Read a calculus book
D) Hold him and rock him

What was Cheree’s first word?
A) Yoga
B) Dada
C) Mountain
D) Daniel

We had such a fun time and enjoyed seeing everyone who was able to make it while missing those who couldn’t come. We are looking forward to introducing Baby Jack to all of our loved ones in the very near future.


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