Getting Organized

It is hard to believe that we moved into our new house almost a year ago. We are mostly unpacked, but there are still a few boxes shoved into closets and there was a serious need to get organized – mostly in the garage and our gear closet upstairs.

Messy garage: this wasn’t actually the worst of it, just when I thought about taking some pics.
Recently the four wheeler has been parked inside and Daniel has had to park outside.

Much better. Daniel still has plans to hang things on the wall above the garage doors.
We finished hanging peg board in the garage and a bike hanging system in the storage room just off the garage {it is like a storage shed but it is attached to the house and holds our mower – also known as the four wheeler}.
Bikes are hung from the ceiling and the four wheeler is finally stored in the right place.

Now that the garage is clean and organized, Daniel can do some car maintenance – oil leaks are taking over our lives!

Our gear closet before we got organized.

I am thrilled that our gear closet is organized. It will make it so much easier to pack the next time we decide to go backpacking {which I am guessing will not be until some time after the new year}. Baby Jack better like the outdoors!!!
 And after. 
 Packs, Therm-a-rests, climbing rope and sleeping bags hung on the walls. 

 While the rest of our gear is stored on shelves that we purchased at Ikea. 
Two sets of Expedit, black-brown bookshelves.
I’m not sure that we own enough gear… kidding… maybe…

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