My Pregnancy By the Numbers…
198 prenatal vitamins swallowed.
133 shots in my stomach.
133 beats per minute was what Jack’s heartbeat was last Friday.
79 days until our due date. 
52 days of lower back pain – a frozen bag of okra is my go-to for easing the pain.
14 pounds gained.
12 days since I have experienced heartburn – thank you Nexium.
10 days of sinus pressure changes in my head – makes me feel like I am living in a fog.
7 OB visits completed.
4 workouts this week.
3 is approximate number of times I feel Jack moving each day.

2 candy bars eaten this week.

1 glucose test passed.
pleated poppy

What I Wore Wednesday:
Shirt from Old Navy. Shorts from Target {maternity section}.
On a completely separate note, if you have been wondering what the dancer’s pose is {ahem mom and dad} or are just curious as to what an almost 29 week pregnant woman looks like doing said dancer’s pose… these pics are for you.


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