Shorts and shirt are several years old and I have no idea where I bought them. 
Just glad baby boy is sitting high and I can still wear some of my normal clothes.
Not a whole lot is new on the baby front…
I am holding steady at 10 pounds gained and it all seems to be in front of me. 
Heartburn still sucks – pretty sure I will get a prescription from my OB when I see her on Friday. 
I discovered that a package of frozen okra makes a great ice pack for my lower back.

Thankfully Sunday’s fender bender didn’t result in any unwanted trips to the hospital.

Some nights I sleep through the night. Some nights I am plagued by insomnia.

Little guy has started moving more. I feel him the most around 10AM {after my daily workouts} and late in the evenings when I am laying down watching TV or trying to go to sleep. I am just thankful that I am feeling more consistent movement.
 Dress for interview from Target. Shoes from Walmart.
On an unexpected note, I was called in for a second interview this past Tuesday. It’s with a great company and would be an excellent opportunity. I didn’t bring up the subject of being preggo and they didn’t ask {hopefully it was obvious?}. This means I have had a lot to think about over the last few days. We shall see how things pan out.

pleated poppy

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