The skinny on the last week is that I have been completely and utterly exhausted and we aren’t even to the third trimester yet 😦

Being tired may have to do with the fact that I went on a girl’s trip to see friends in Charlotte this past weekend OR the fact that I slept on a couch for three nights OR it could have been the house full of kids that did me in {there were always at least six kids under the age of seven roaming around}.

I’m not complaining though. It was great to catch up with old friends and observing kids is always good preparation for the real deal, right? Especially being around boys… I see lots of legos, Star Wars and toy guns in my future. 

The best part of the trip was that almost all of our Charlotte friends had boys first so I heard a lot of great advice from women who have been moms for as long as I have known them.

The #1 thing I took away from the weekend {surrounded by little boys} is that I am doomed to have the toilet seat left up for many years to come.
Thanks to Sara and Clint for a place to sleep and the great food! Thank you Courtney for inviting me to tag along. I really enjoyed the late night talks and visiting with everyone that we were able to see. Next time, hopefully Daniel can come too.
pleated poppy

What I Wore Wednesday
Shirt from Target {pre-pregnancy}
Pants from Walmart {I bought them several years ago, still thrilled to be in my own pants}
Shoes from Target

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