I have been sitting on some exciting news {at least for my family} for the last two weeks…

When I was in Nashville for my friend’s baby shower, I stayed at my sister’s house. She was a good sister and took me to Target to get a crash course on things that we would need to register for {vs crap stuff we don’t need}. 
My sister was the perfect person for me to get advice from because we have similar views on money and what constitutes a necessity {not identical views, but probably closer than anyone else I know}. It should also be noted that she is a saint for doing this since she had just worked a night shift and was totally exhausted.

Anywho, after Target, we went back to her house and were discussing my ultrasound and other things related to pregnancy and my little man, when all of a sudden she asked me if I wanted to see her ultrasound…


It took a second to sink in. My little sister is expecting her second child in February!!! I knew they were thinking about it, but it happened pretty quickly. As Angela says, “Robert can just look at her and she ends up pregnant.” Hah!

Anyways, I am incredibly excited for them. It will be fun to have kids that are only a few months apart and Izzy will have a blast being the older sister/cousin.

The only negative is that one of these days I am going to have to give back all of the maternity clothes Angela lent me!
For reference: Baby Moore {in utero} is 24 weeks old. Baby Stewart {in utero} is 12 weeks old. Izzy is 2 years old.

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