Getting Our Priorities Straight…

Things we have discussed regarding our baby:
Introducing Our Kiddo to the Great Outdoors

Thanks to Outside Magazine’s June issue with a focus on raising active kids, we got some answers to questions we had been discussing {see italicized answers below}.
How soon can we take our baby hiking/backpacking?

You can pretty much march out of the delivery room and onto the trail if you are so inclined. Just realize that the logistics are greater the younger the child.
How soon until we can go on bike rides? 


With tots under 35 pounds, Outside Magazine recommends iBert’s Safe-T-Seat. While the Burley’s D’Lite trailer is great for hauling bigger toddlers {and dogs} behind you. 
Mountain Biking: Eight is a good age to start; nine-year-olds can really crank. By ten, experienced kids will be wanting to tackle technical singletrack and launch off rocks.  
Road Biking: At eight most kids will have long enough legs to ride a bigger bike with a bigger pedal crank to enable them to keep up with the big kids {you}.


When will our baby be big enough to take on a paddling trip?

If they are old enough to ride in a car, they are old enough to canoe. 
Sea Kayaking: You won’t get any real paddling help until age 13. Younger kids can be ferried in a cockpit hole or a double. 
White Water Rafting: Five is the minimum for most guides; for Class III, seven is best; for Class IV, 12. Class V and up is too dangerous for kids.
What about climbing/rappelling? 


Some four-year-olds can climb like geckos but panic at the top. By eight most kids are ready to tackle easier routes.
We have also discussed whether we plan to use cloth or disposable diapers. This conversation stemmed from blog posts by Young House Love, Bower Power and The Organ Family. Mostly we agreed that our frugal selves are all for cloth diapers. Reality suggests we will use both – i.e. we aren’t going to drop our kid off at a church nursery or with a baby sitter and insist they use cloth.

Things we have yet to discuss:
Baby Names – we are waiting to find out the gender before we put a lot of energy into this…

The Nursery – besides agreeing which room will be used, we haven’t put any thought into this since gender is an important factor.

Registering for Baby Crap Stuff – not really on our radar. I don’t think either of us are ready for our house to be taken over by baby things.

I feel like baby web sites and books have all of these lists of things you are supposed to be planning for and thinking about. We just aren’t there. We have until November, there is no huge hurry to jump into this parenting thing. We are enjoying our life as it is right now. Yeah, we talk about stuff but we aren’t making concrete plans or worrying about the future. We are taking life in stride. We will get around to the important things like finding the right car seat soon enough.

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