Popcorn Popping

I have been curious to find out what it is like to feel those first little movements of our baby. I am almost 21 weeks and had yet to feel so much as a flutter.

According to What to Expect While You’re Expecting and BabyCenter.com, the first movements should feel something akin to popcorn popping.

I have often wondered what that means exactly… I know what it is like to hear popcorn pop and I have watched it pop, but how am I supposed to know what that feels like?

I think I finally have an answer. 
Late last night as I tried to get comfortable in bed {the pillows have Daniel and I significantly outnumbered}, I may have felt those first tiny flutterings. A popping on my right side, kind of high and near my ribs. The feeling eased after awhile and then started up again, this time on the left and low. It was an odd sensation.

I haven’t felt it again, so I can’t say for sure, but I think I at least know what it is like to feel popcorn popping.

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