Don’t Try This at Home Kids

For the last month we have had a ladder set up in the middle of our living room. Our ceiling fan had decided to cease and desist so Daniel is replacing it.

Unfortunately for us the fan and light had been wired to the same switch. Daniel wants them to be on separate switches because the remote control for Hunter fans has a tendency to crap out {ours included}.

Since we have been traveling all over creation, Daniel started the project but never finished it. In addition, this project was going to need scaffolding to complete since our ceiling is 25 feet high.

Yesterday Daniel rented the scaffolding and tonight we set it up. Being that I am pregnant, I am probably not the best person to be helping construct heavy scaffolding. Daniel rigged up a series of pulley systems and we were able to put it together.

When he goes to take it down, I am voting that he gets someone else to help him… any volunteers???


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