We have almost made it to the halfway mark…
  • Sleeping is getting more uncomfortable. 
  • I still haven’t felt any kicks {or flutters}. 
  • We have another 2+weeks before we find out gender {we are a little behind schedule due to traveling}. 
  • No cravings to date. 
  • The metallic taste in my mouth has finally subsided. 
  • I am keeping up with yoga {M/W} and kickboxing {T/Th}. 
  • I have had to slow down on the running as I can’t go more than 1 mile without my bladder feeling like it will explode… yoga teacher says I should consider swimming instead.
  • My stomach is sticking out more and I have gained about 6 pounds. 
  • I can still wear most of my normal clothes – I am thankful to my sister for her donation of maternity clothes.
  • My lower back aches late in the day.  
  • Heartburn continues to plague me – mostly in the evenings. 
  • We received our first baby gifts this past weekend – a little shirt from Ireland {thank you Angela, Robert and Izzy} and a baby blanket from Disney World {thank you Emily and Josh}.

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