Dolphin Tour

Daniel and I are not ones to go on vacation and lay around at the beach all day. For us, a trip to the beach generally means bike rides and walks on the beach and maybe a kayak rental. However when we vacation with other people we have learned that we have to take into account that not everyone wants to be active on vacation {some people like to lay on the beach or shop or stay inside and watch movies}.

Since we were spending the weekend with Daniel’s dad, we came across an inexpensive dolphin tour that we thought we all would enjoy. Unfortunately Wesley was still recouping from his walking pneumonia so he told us to go by ourselves. I felt bad that he was still not feeling up to par all weekend, I think he would have really enjoyed the dolphins.

For $22 per person, we got to go out on a boat for about 2 hours with Kohootz Dolphin Encounters. Captains Gary & Susan led the tour. Captain Gary informed us that the dolphins like music, especially Jimmy Buffet… so we listened to Jimmy Buffet for the entire trip.
Daniel and I started out sitting on seats at the front of the boat before moving to the platform on top of the boat. The first little cove we came to, there were several schools of dolphins {presumably mothers and their little ones}. I haven’t seen many dolphins {a few at Hilton Head}, so for me, it was a special experience. 

When the dolphins moved on, our captain turned the boat around and took us back towards the Lydia Ann Lighthouse – it is on an island that can only be reached by boat. Evidently during the civil war, when the Union soldiers took over Port Aransas, they had plans to use the light house to help guide their ships in. However they discovered that the Confederates had removed the lens from the light house and it was useless. The lighthouse has been restored and is “manned” year round by lighthouse keepers.
We saw dolphins a few more times, but nothing like the first encounter. It was an enjoyable morning on the water. It would have been nice to see more dolphins but we still had a good time.

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