The Salt Lick BBQ

On day #2 in Texas we left San Antonio for the beach. En route to the Gulf of Mexico, we made a quick detour up to Austin {not really on the way, but Daniel and his dad REALLY wanted to go to Cabela’s – a very large hunting/camping/fishing store… think Bass Pro Shop on steroids}.

We were going to arrive at Cabela’s right around lunch, so we consulted the internet and settled on The Salt Lick BBQ for lunch – the web site lists reviews by the likes of Sandra Bullock, David Letterman and Lance Armstrong.

When we arrived, we discovered that it was a favorite haunt for bikers. While walking through the parking lot, Daniel saw one bike that had antlers for handle bars and various other decorations that merited a picture.

The seating for Salt Lick was an enclosed patio area which was surprisingly not too hot. Daniel’s dad tried a BBQ sandwich and Daniel and I split a BBQ plate that included ribs, sausage, turkey and brisket. It was ah-mazing! We finished the meal by splitting a blackberry and a peach cobbler with ice cream. So good. I would definitely recommend this place for the atmosphere as well as the great bar-b-cue. 

The food is all cooked on an open bar-b-cue pit. We took a moment to take a picture and it was REALLY HOT on my behind!

The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que on Urbanspoon

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