Sunset and The Parrot

We arrived at our house rental right before sunset. It was a couple of blocks from the beach and had a small view of the water from the deck. Once we unloaded the car, Daniel’s dad decided to rest so Daniel and I went out to explore the little town of Port Aransas.

First up was the beach. Our house was only a couple of blocks the access road – really the beach itself where you can drive and park on the sand. Hope we don’t get charged extra for driving our rental car on the sand!!! You can also camp on the actual beach… Daniel and I may have to come back {with Sophie in tow} to do some car camping.

We arrived right at sunset, so we enjoyed a short walk while the sun set.

After that we went in search of a place to eat. We settled on The Parrot, The Peg & The Patch where we shared a burger and fries and enjoyed sitting outside in the cool breeze. The food was good and the prices reflected what you would expect to pay at the beach…

Parrot Island Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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