The San Antonio RiverWalk

After picking up Daniel’s dad, we decided to stay at the Drury Plaza Hotel in downtown San Antonio {TripAdvisor is a great resource for finding hotels and restaurants with good reviews and prices}. Once we checked in, Wesley decided to take a nap and Daniel and I took advantage of the Drury’s evening snack. We thought it would just be a small snack bar, but it was a full out buffet: hot dogs, nachos, chips, chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, etc.

We skipped on the adult beverages, but managed to eat more than enough. After eating, we wandered down to the RiverWalk

Since it was a Thursday there weren’t a ton of people, which was nice. We walked all the way down to the mall. 

We weren’t really hungry after our snack so we went to the food court where Daniel treated himself to a Blizzard and I got an Orange Julius. 

With ice cream in hand we went outside and sat and listened to a mariachi band play and heard bits of history as the tour guides on the RiverWalk boats floated by… Did you know that the Alamo was originally called Valero? 

After we finished our treats we went back to the hotel to the top floor {where the pool is located}…

 and were treated to magnificent views of the sun setting over the city. 



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