Sophie Learns to Swim

Tuesday night of our vacation, we headed to Woodstock, VT with intentions of grabbing sandwiches at the Woodstock Farmers’ Market. Unfortunately they stopped serving sandwiches at 4:00PM. So we drove back to the White Cottage Snack Bar that we had seen just up the road.

The Snack Bar had one window where you could order all things ice cream related and another where you could order food {mostly fried}. I went with the Fried Scallops and French Fries {a Vermont favorite according to the menu board} and Daniel ordered a Fish Sandwich. Our meals were a bit pricey, but good for “snack bar” fare.

I splurged on a waffle cone with a scoop of Maine Black Bear, a scoop of Caramel Caribou and a scoop of Moose Tracks. This cone was totally worth the $4 price tag.

One of the things we really liked about the snack bar was that you eat outside and there was a place for dogs to roam and play in the river. 
Daniel and Sophie ventured into the water and before we knew it Sophie was actually swimming for the first time! When we first got her, she refused to walk across running water of any kind or get anything other than her paws wet. This was quite the accomplishment. 

She didn’t panic until she made it into the current {which was not swift}. Daniel had her on the leash so she was fine, but she clung to a rock in the middle of the river for dear life when she got there!

We are so proud of her. This makes us feel better about our future plans to stick her in a canoe with us…


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