Sovenier From Vermont…

One thing we have noticed in Vermont is the abundance of Subarus {we fit right in}. The other thing we noticed is the plethora of canoes and kayaks atop of these Subarus {and other vehicles}.

On a whim, Daniel decided to check out local Craigslist postings. We have been considering buying a canoe for a while, but haven’t found the right opportunity yet. Well, that opportunity presented itself on day #2 in Vermont. Initially we went back and forth because of having to haul it home, but on the plus side we can use it while we are here.

We found a great deal on a Mad River Canoe in LondonDerry, NH {just outside of Boston}. Daniel contacted the seller and left a message. We didn’t hear back right away so we decided to go hiking. We were 30 minutes from our trailhead when we received the call that the canoe was available. Score.

We turned around and headed south. The canoe is 16-feet long {so it will accommodate Sophie}. It has only been used a few times and the paddles and a Yakima roof mounting system came with the boat. We are stoked to get it on the water.

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