Meal Recap

Last week’s meals were as follows:
Mexican food, burgers and pizza seemed to be the theme… I will have to do a little better with my meal planning this week!

Monday Dinner: I received my first 5/5 stars from Daniel for this Barbacoa Burrito Bowl meal. It was amazing and reminded us of Chipotle Mexican Grill. {Recipes from Gina’s Skinny Recipes}. If you like Chipotle, I definitely recommend checking out these recipes for Barbacoa Pork, Lime Cilantro Rice and Cuban Style Black Beans. Just add your favorite toppings – you could also wrap it all up in a tortilla shell for a Burrito instead of a Bowl.

Tuesday Dinner: I whipped up Bacon Cheese Turkey Burgers with a side of chips – homemade fries would have been nice but sometimes I get lazy. Daniel gave it 4.8/5 stars.
Wednesday Dinner: Crispy Shrimp Tacos turned out to be a bit of an involved process, but the end results were worth it. I wish I had made a salad or something to go on the side. I rarely make fried food, but it was goooood. {Recipe from White On Rice} Daniel gave it 4.82/5 stars.

Afterward we ran into town to meet friends at the local Dairy Bar for milkshakes. This may be a new fave.

Thursday Dinner: Date night. We mixed it up and went to Pizza Hut {we don’t have many options in our town}. Pizza was good but the restaurant was FREEZING.

Friday Dinner: Lots of Mexican this week, I made Black Bean Tortilla Casserole {recipe adapted from Cara’s Cravings}. Daniel gave it 4.83/5 stars – not bad for a meatless dish.

Saturday Dinner: After our 10-mile bike ride, we went to Sonic for burgers… not our healthiest week. Can I blame it on the pregnancy??? 

Sunday Lunch: We hit McCallisters Deli in Huntsville after church. We haven’t been there in a while and they have changed their menu {again}. They went from having waaaaayyyyyy to many options to cutting out all of my favorites from the menu.

Sunday Dinner: Frozen pizza – again with the unhealthy.


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