Biking in Hollywood

Today we took advantage of the cooler weather to take our first road biking trip since moving to Alabama. We had been a little weary about riding on country roads {people around here tend to drive pretty fast} but finally decided that the roads close to our house should be safe since most of them are “no outlet” and go down to the lake. This meant some back tracking but also offered some great views.

At 1.75 miles we passed a field of cows. They must not see many road bikers because they all seemed to get spooked as we went by.
At 5.5 miles, we had to turn around due to angry country dogs that were roaming loose… we didn’t want to take a chance on being bitten by a mean looking, one-eyed dog. We saw plenty of other dogs that seemed friendly. In these parts everyone lets their dogs roam free {we are guilty of this}.

Bellefonte cooling towers in the background {where Daniel works} 
Toward the end of our ride we ended up over by Bellefonte. The whole area is very pretty – alternating between water views and rolling farm country. We managed to fit in a 10-mile ride in a comfortable 1.5 hours. My only complaint is that the roads were tar and chip which is not the smoothest surface for riding. 

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