5/5 Stars for Barbacoa Burrito Bowl

Barbacoa Burrito Bowl, sans toppings

If you are Facebook friends with me, you have probably noticed my ongoing photo album of meals that I have made this year. After each meal, I ask Daniel to rate my cooking on a scale of 1-5. I don’t think he has ever given me a score below a 4 {he’s a smart husband}.

Since starting this scoring process I have had a lot of comments asking how Daniel rates the food. To be honest, I think he just tells me whatever number pops into his head that expresses how he feels about the food he is eating at that particular moment in time. It is a fun little game and I have enjoyed sharing the scores on FB and hearing feedback from friends.
On Monday I made us Barbacoa Burrito Bowls {ala Chipotle Mexican Grill style}. I found the recipes over at Gina’s Skinny Taste and I was thrilled to get to bring a taste of Chipotle into our home {we have missed it terribly since moving away from Charlotte, NC}.

When we sat down to eat this meal, Daniel took two bites and said, “This scores a 5.” I didn’t even have to ask him, it was just that good. If you are a Chipotle lover or you just enjoy good Mexican food, I would recommend you try these recipes {click on links below}.
 Barbacoa Pork + Lime Cilantro Rice + Cuban Style Black Beans + toppings = deliciousness.


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