52 Books: Book 21 & 22

Last week during the power outage I finished two books. The first was The Doublet Affair by Fiona Buckley. This is the second book in a series of historical fiction that take place in England, following one of the queen’s ladies who is transitioning into a sleuth. I find the series to be ok. I am not particularly drawn to this type of fiction, but it is a quick, interesting read.

Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson was on my bookshelf and I started reading it on Wednesday when I lost power at my house. I was actually in the closet with a flashlight during one tornado warning and reading. I finished the book in a day. I felt really sorry for the main character, Louise. She is a girl growing up a small island who comes to hate her twin sister because she thinks that her sister gets all of the attention. It isn’t until she grows up and moves away that she realizes that she was loved more than she knew. 

Excerpts from this book:
Life began to turn upside down at thirteen. I know that now. But at the time I thought the blame for my unhappiness must be fixed – on Caroline, on my grandmother, on my my mother, even on myself.

I had never caused my parents “a minute’s worry.” Didn’t they know that worry proves you care? Didn’t they realize that I needed their worry to assure myself that I was worth something?

The women of my island were not supposed to love water. Water was the wild, untamed kingdom of our men.

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