My sister’s house has a lot of windows. 

Earlier this year my sister, brother and I went on a scavenging trip to see if we could find any good bargains on home decor. We were specifically looking for artwork and curtains. What we discovered was that we couldn’t agree on anything because the three of us we have wildly different taste – evident by our different abodes.

Anyways, my sister was becoming frustrated that there were no curtains she liked and everything seemed to cost a lot. While perusing at Target, she stumbled on a fabric shower curtain that she really liked, but she wanted it for her dining room. 

 *What the original curtains looked like.

There were a few of problems with this: 
1) This shower curtain would be too short for her windows.
2) She didn’t like the grommets at the top.
3) The curtain panel was too wide.

I told her that we could fix the problem by purchasing 4 shower curtains {that happened to be on sale at a ridiculously low price}, then we would cut each one in half to make a total of 8 panels and finally we would add fabric to the top to make the curtains the appropriate length.

Several months later I have finally wrapped up this little project that I volunteered to help with. This weekend we are headed to my sister’s for Easter and I will finally show her what her new curtains look like. I hope she likes them.


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