Paddling the Flint River

Saturday we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed to Huntsville to paddle 7.5 miles on the Flint River.

This was not a “get thrown out of your boat” or a “we got shot at” kind of paddling trip. Nonetheless we had a lot of fun hanging out with our friends, enjoying the sunshine and being outside.

We opted to use NACK as our outfitter. I have to give this company props for providing great equipment. They were a bit pricey at $35 per person, but we really liked their Mad River Canoes – light and comfortable and definitely the nicest canoe we have ever rented. 

The water on Flint River was up, so what would normally be a 4-hour trip was around 2 hours. Two hours with a good current is much preferable to four hours of slow moving water.

Since we were off the river faster than anticipated, we decided to have a second lunch at Cantina Laredo, followed by dessert at Orange Tree Frozen Yogurt and finally a Dollar Movie at Carmike 10. Not too bad for a Saturday with friends.


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