The Subaru Fix

I am blessed to have a spouse who is very proficient at mechanical work. Unfortunately this sometimes leaves me as a “garage widow.” I am grateful that he saves us money by fixing everything machine-related, but often this type of work can be very time consuming!

Over the course of the last month Daniel spent many hours in the garage working on our Subaru. The main thing to fix was a blown head gasket {a common problem in Subaru’s}. While he had the engine pulled he also replaced belts and various other components.

Thankfully this project is FINISHED and we have two working vehicles again! With the help of a friend, he was able to get the motorcycle working as well. I am just glad that I don’t have to get up at dawn to take him into work any more 🙂

Pulling the engine out of the Forrester with the help of the engine hoist… Daniel did this late one night all by himself. *Not recommended.

Close up of the engine.

We photographed each stage of the process as a precaution. This way Daniel could reference photos when he was putting everything back together again. This is just a sampling from the hundreds of pictures that we took.

Sometimes I get coerced into participating. This is me helping while Daniel puts the belts on the pulleys.

Getting ready to put the engine back into the car.

No picture of this, but Daniel guided the engine into the right spot while I lowered it using the engine hoist. He was underneath the vehicle for part of the time {meaning he put a lot of trust in me}. I am pleased to say that the process went fairly smoothly and we have had no problems with the car since he fixed it {specifically no oil leaks and no new leaks}.

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