52 Books: Book 11

Men and Dogs by Katie Crouch is the sad story of a brother {Palmer} and sister {Hannah} who lost their father to a boating accident when they were children. The story centers on Hannah and her inability {even as a grown up} to believe that her father actually died. The only proof of his demise was a fishing boat found at sea with the family dog.
As the story progresses, we learn that both Hannah and Palmer grow up to be very messed up in their relationships. Palmer believes that it is his fault his father left and subsequently died. Hannah believes that their dad just left. It is a sad coming-of-age story. They both finally learn some truths and to accept what they don’t know. 

This was a book I picked up at the local library after searching for an hour for books I actually wanted to read. Unfortunately I live in a small town and the pickings are slim {and it cost $3 to request a book}. Anyways, while I thought the story was fairly well written, I didn’t really care for it. This is the second fiction book that has been so-so for me… maybe I should stick to non fiction. If only our library had a better selection…

Excerpts from the book:
Memory is just a story, after all. With practice, one can adjust it. Shape the shadows and fill the empty space in your heart. 

Hannah hates lies. It’s why she can’t stand politics; empty words constantly depress her.

It’s always easier to let things lie, to stay in the protected box. But why is that better? Look at my sister, he thought. She makes everything hard as hell, but at least she tries. And trying is something, isn’t it? If you’re trying, you’re moving. You’re not in your perfect house, festering, just waiting for something to change.


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