G.E. Convection Toaster Oven: A Review

Earlier this week I mentioned that Daniel bought me a toaster oven for Valentines. This was not a completely true statement. He did go out and make an impulse purchase on a toaster oven {to replace our old one that caught on fire back in November} and he did happen to make the purchase on Valentine’s weekend. However, it was not explicitly a Valentine’s present. I just thought it was funny since you are not supposed to buy small appliances to show your love. 

We generally don’t buy gifts for each other {for any occasion} so it was a very sweet gesture that he picked up something that I {we} needed for the kitchen.
The G.E. Convection Toaster Oven is larger than my old one. This is good because it holds larger dishes/more food, but bad because it eats counter space. The best thing about it is that the bottom doesn’t drop out and spill crumbs like my old one did. It’s great for making toast or smaller dishes or dinner for two that don’t require cooking for very long. Overall I am glad to have a toaster oven again.

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