Quilting Material and a Confession

I have to take a moment to confess that I like to think I know everything. As in I am a complete know-it-all. This is a flaw and I am working on it. If I have ever offended you by acting like I knew better than you, all I can say is that I am sorry.

This flaw makes it difficult when I am venturing into unchartered territory. Like say, making a quilt for the first time. Going into a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store and looking at all the different options was daunting, but also exciting. It got my creative juices flowing. But having to walk up to the counter and ask someone to cut the material and have them in turn ask me what I am making, well, I felt like a deer caught in headlights.

I nonchalantly told them I was making a quilt. They wanted to know more. All of my terminology was wrong and I felt like a complete fool. What is worse is that the women working at Jo-Ann’s are women that quilt. I should be asking them for advice, but all I can do is admit that I am a novice and pretend like I have my plan all figured out. Crazy, I know. I am TERRIBLE at asking for help {another one of my flaws}.

Anyways, all of that to say I finally decided on the basic pattern that I am going to use to make my quilt. I found the perfect inspiration here.

My quilt will be white with the paisley material {at the top of the post} as an accent. Hopefully my next quilting post will actually have the beginnings of squares cut out and ready to piece together.

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